Many questions can be answered via the sections listed below but please click here to contact us if you require any further assistance.

Is there a deposit to pay?

Unlike the majority of our competitors Sentry Self Storage does not ask you for a security deposit equivalent to 4 weeks rental.

Many of our customers are moving house and we appreciate that this additional expense, on top of removal or van hire costs, is one that you could do without.

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How should I pack my belongings?

  • Box as many things as possible allowing the most efficient use of space
  • Try to use proper storage boxes that will not collapse and can be stacked
  • Completely fill all boxes and tape up
  • Pack heavy items such as books in small boxes
  • Label boxes and keep a list of contents
  • Click here to view the appropriate packaging materials

How should I pack my clothing?

Wardrobe boxes allow you to store your clothing on hangers which saves the shape of garments.

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What items can I NOT store?

You may not store any flammable goods, explosives, perishable foodstuffs or goods or materials of a dangerous or illegal nature.

How should I box books, files and documents?

  • Remember that these items are heavy so avoid overfilling cartons
  • Pack books flat and fill any empty space to avoid movement.
  • Sentry sell professional archive boxes for this application.

How should I store my china and glass?

All items should be individually wrapped with a layer of packing at the bottom and top of boxes. Put the heaviest items at the bottom and pad out loose spaces. Store mirrors on edge, not flat.

How should I store my appliances?

  • Store all appliances clean, dry and empty with doors wedged open
  • Defrost fridges and freezers
  • Put computers and other electrical items in original packaging where possible

How should I store bikes, metal equipment and tools?

Wipe all metal objects with an oily rag before storing

How should I store my furniture?

  • Disassemble large items where possible
  • Apply a heavy coat of furniture polish before storing wood items
  • Cover with dust sheets or furniture covers
  • Store sofas, mattresses, beds etc on end to save floor space

Do I need Insurance?

Sentry Self Storage can accept responsibility for Insuring your goods under their own policy backed by one of UK’s biggest insurers (This service is chargeable in addition to any storage fees). Please check to see if you are covered under any existing policy that you might have

Do I need a removal company?

If you use a removal company to move your goods into storage, bear in mind that there are many different kinds of removers, from international companies to man and van operations. Decide which level of service you require from basic moving to a full packing service. Remember that if a company offers to loan you packing materials you will be expected to use them when you move out.

We are happy to supply a list of reputable companies that we can recommend. Whoever you use make sure that they have full goods in transit insurance.

You may save time and money packing items into boxes yourself. Make sure that these items too will be covered by your removers' insurance. 

Sentry have a wide range of packing & storage products for sale available here.

Should I rent my own van?

Many customers pack and move their furniture into and out of storage themselves as this is often the cheapest option.

Remember that van rental companies are busiest at the weekends and may charge an inclusive rate for the whole weekend so book well in advance or, if possible, move during the week as you may well get cheaper rates

What size van will I need?

If you are moving long distance you will want a vehicle big enough to do the move in one journey. If more local then a smaller van and several trips may be more convenient.

The biggest size truck you can drive on an ordinary licence is 7.5 tonnes, which provides about 160 sq ft of storage. A tail-lift can make handling of heavy goods such as kitchen appliances easier.

For more information on unit sizes in relation to vehicle & house size please visit our Size Estimator, or call freephone on 0800 916 8722

What do I need to do on the day of the move?

Plan ahead as this will take a lot of stress and strain out of the day. Fix the date as far ahead as possible and make sure you notify the gas, electricity and water companies and get your post redirected.

On the day it is a good idea to keep all your documents, keys and other valuables in one place to avoid them being packed into your storage unit.

Phone sentry self storage on freephone 0800 916 8722 who will give you advice on the size of unit you will require and recommend a removal or van hire company.

How do I know how much space I'll require?

You can use our space estimator tool, or contact us and we can advise you on your likely requirements.

Are all Sentry's units drive-up with 24hr access?

No, although most of our storage units are 24hour access drive-up self-contained units we do have indoor storage units located at Chandlers Ford, Chichester West and Southampton. These internal rooms offer a wider range of sizes and are again suitable for home & business goods.

Are my goods insured ?

Insurance is not inclusive in your rental. However, we can arrange for cover if you require. We require that all customers, for peace of mind, should arrange for insurance cover on their goods either through us or their own insurers.

How can I access my storage unit ?

Once you have signed up for your storage unit and have received the keys you are free to come and go as you please. Some customers only visit their storage unit when they fill-up or vacate their units, others visit on a regular or, in the case of some businesses, on a daily basis. Visit as little or often as you want.

How do I get my things into storage ?

Many people like the complete DIY option and rent or borrow a van or truck in order to transport goods into storage. A great advantage of our storage units is that you can drive right up to them making them convenient to load-up.

Other people prefer to have a removals company to move their goods for them. We have been working with removals companies in your area for many years and are happy to give advice and pass on their details.

How do I pay?

These days most customers find Switch, Debit and Credit Cards the easiest way to pay. On your instructions we can arrange to deduct your monthly rental from the card of your choice. Alternatively you can pay by BACS or Standing Order direct to us. Some customers prefer to pre-pay for 3,6 or even 12 months which means they can relax about remembering payments and can take advantage of the discounts offered.

Please note that unlike most storage companies we do not ask for a month's security deposit to be held by us until the end of the rental.

How long can I hire for ?

Our standard invoicing periods are 4, 12, 24 or 48 weeks but shorter rental periods can be made by special arrangement. If you only require the unit for part of any standard period - just let us know in advance and we will refund you the unused rental days when you vacate your unit.

Who needs Self Storage?

Everybody needs a little (or large !) amount of extra space from time-to-time. Householders between house moves, moving abroad or who need to store furniture while decorating or building works are carried out. Increasingly, people are getting out of house moving chains by selling their homes and putting their goods into storage for a few months which enables them to look for a new property as a cash buyer.

Businesses need to store stock, equipment, files, office furniture etc. Self-Storage enables many businesses to free up expensive commercial or retail space. They can rent space on a flexible basis as their requirements change without getting involved in leases or making long term commitments.

Why Use Sentry?

  • We have 16 Convenient Locations - New locations opening near you across the south
  • Most locations offer drive-up access - No queuing for lifts or wasted effort moving goods down corridors
  • 24 hour 365 day access at most centres - Access your goods at your convenience
  • Family Business since 1988 - You are dealing with a friendly local company 
  • Competitive pricing - We try to beat all competitor's quotes

What is Self Storage ?

With self storage you have your own individual storage unit to which you have unlimited access, without extra charges.

It is the flexible modern way to store hassle-free.


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