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Our table(s) detail the guideline prices for our West Chichester self storage units. These prices are subject to change and also vary in accordance to our price guarantee; for more detailed information, please contact us via freephone on 0800 916 8711.

  • Indoor Storage
  • 24/7 Drive-Up
SizeDimensions4 Wks
16 Sqft4 x 4 x 8£40
20 Sqft5 x 4 x 8£45
25 Sqft5 x 5 x 8£55
35 Sqft7 x 5 x 8£70
50 Sqft7 x 7 x 8£95
60 Sqft10 x 6 x 8£110
75 Sqft10 x 7.5 x 8£130
100 Sqft10 x 10 x 8£170
125 Sqft10 x 12.5 x 8£200
150 Sqft150 x 10 x 8£250
175 Sqft10 x 17.5 x 8£275
225 Sqft22.5 x 10 x 8£350
SizeDimensions4 Wks
80 Sqft10 x 8 x 8£150
160 Sqft20 x 8 x 8£220

Telephone Opening Hours

Mon – Fri | 08:30 – 17:30

Sat | 09:00 – 16:00


Unit 1

11 Terminus Road


West Sussex

PO19 8TX

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Come & Visit Our West Chichester Self Storage Units!

Looking for self storage closer to home? Take a look at our locations to see all of the Sentry Self Storage sites we have around the South of the UK. Insurance can be arranged on arrival at a rate of £3.00 per £k worth of goods, per 4 week period. Please feel free to take a look at our packing materials, servicesFAQs, or get in touch if you’re unsure of anything – we look forward to assisting you with your self storage needs.

Know how much space you need?

With our space estimator, we can help you understand which storage unit in West Chichester would be best suited for your needs.

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Sentry Self Storage is a family owned and run business established in 1988.

We were one of the earliest self storage operators in the UK. Over the years we believe that we have built up a strong local reputation as a friendly, efficient and good value provider of self storage space for both the business and private user.

Much of our business comes from recommendation and many of our customers have used us at various different times in their private and business lives when extra storage space has suddenly become a priority.

We strive to keep up with developments in the industry and tailor our service to meet local demands. See About Us for more.